Boftek (aka Escalope Panée)
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500g beef fillet - preferably veal if available [you can ask your butcher to cut it into 3-4 cm slices]
2 eggs
175g Golden Bread Crumbs
30g unsalted butter
Vegetable Oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparing the meat
Prepare the meat by cutting it into 3-4 cm slices.
Make sure you remove any external fat from the meat.
Pound the beef into thinner slices (down to 1-1.5cm) using a beef mallet.
The pounding action flattens the meat and breaks up some of the fibers and connective tissues, making
the beef more tender when cooked.

Preparing Boftek
Beat the 2 eggs with a fork in a plate. Add salt & pepper to the eggs & beat till fully blended.
Prepare the bread crumbs in a flat plate.
Cover the beef slices with the egg batter, then coat with the bread crumbs one slice at a time.

Once you have all pieces coated, start heating the butter & oil together in a frying pan. Use enough oil to
allow shallow frying (enough to barely cover the beef).

Once the oil/butter mix is hot, start adding the coated beef pieces turning half way. Make sure the pieces
don't overlap in the pan.
Once golden from both sides, get the beef out using a slotted turner/spoon, draining as much oil as
Let the beef sit for a minute on absorbing kitchen towels which will absorb more of the oil, then serve.

Serving Boftek
Serve your Boftek with french fries and salad.