Cinnamon with Hazelnut (Erfa bel Bondo')
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Ingredients (serves 1 person)
250ml water
1.5 tsp cinnamon powder

1-1.5 tsp ground roasted hazelnuts

sugar to taste

Preparing Erfa bel Bondo'
Boil the water, pour over the cinnamon, then add sugar and stir until mixed thoroughly.

Leave the cinnamon milk to rest for
2-3 min. (preferably covered) until it cools down and cinnamon
residue settles in the bottom.
Pour in a mug/cup slowly ensuring the
cinnamon residue doesn't get into the cup.
Add the ground hazelnuts, stir a
nd now it's ready to serve...

This is a hearty soothing Egyptian drink with a bit of a crunch... Traditionally a winter drink...