Eat like an Egyptian...
Eat like an Egyptian

The inspiration

There aren't many websites out there that capture the authentic Egyptian Cuisine or do it justice
with its extensive variety of recipes and food types.
Egyptian cuisine is known for flavor and its use of fresh ingredients and as an Egyptian, I wanted to
share this with the world and introduce them to the real Egyptian food.
What makes Egyptian Cuisine Special

With a history of foreign trade, Egypt has influenced and inspired different cuisines across the
world and with a history of invasions and domination from other cultures,  Egypt has adopted
many ways of preparing food, but even those were modified in Egypt to a great extent, adapting
them to suit Egyptian customs, and tastes to make these foods uniquely Egyptian.

You will also notice a complete section with Vegan/Vegetarian recipes, this is inspired by Coptic
Egyptians' fasting. Coptic fasting means becoming vegan, thus abstaining from meat, fish, eggs,
dairy, and other animal products for a large part of the year.

All of this makes the Egyptian cuisine very interesting as you are certainly bound to find something
you like...
Keep an eye on my website as I'll be adding more recipes regularly...
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Enjoy xxx
Heba Filobbos
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